πŸ‘‹ Hi! I'm Oriol

It's me, Oriol

I'm a senior software engineer from Barcelona, Spain.

My main strength is frontend, having created many UIs on web (Vue/Angular), mobile (Flutter/Ionic) and desktop (Electron).

I love making great products that make the world a better place, and I bring a broad expertise in technology and business.

Table of contents

β€” Professional experience

β€” Side projects

β€” Soft skills

β€” Education

β€” TLDR; Tech Keywords

πŸ’» Professional experience

Current - September 2018

Senior Frontend Engineer, Tech Lead @Alpha Health (Telefonica)

Barcelona, Spain


Evermind mobile app

Since October 2019, I'm the Tech Lead of the flagship product of the company, Evermind, a B2B mental health and resilience mobile app. I lead a team of 3 developers, 1 devops engineer and 1 QA engineer. We went from zero (another senior engineer and I built the MVP together before growing the team) to a B2B product with traction in the market in less than 6 months. Evermind is built on Flutter (Dart) to create a native cross-platform experience in iOS and Android.

I've built most of the core functionality of Evermind myself. I work very closely with the product manager and the designers to make sure that our roadmap has the right priorities, and I am quite involved in the product design process myself, usually leading story mapping sessions. I'm also very involved with QA to ensure bugs are under control, having had very few issues since we launched. We manage the workflow using Kanban.


Lull mobile app

I am a go-to engineer for anything related to Flutter in the company. I jumped into the team making Lull, a mobile app about sleep habits made in Flutter, to help iron out the MVP before launch and deliver on time despite several project delays. I helped to trim it to the essentially valuable and we launched in time.


REM!X mobile app

On the first month of joining Alpha, I created an internal dynamic CMS with Angular/Typescript using AWS Lambda / MongoDB as backend and Firebase for Auth. The project was used during many months afterwards for the main product at the time, the REM!X mobile app – a recommender system of a variety of activities for teenagers in Spain.

After that, during my first months I joined the REM!X mobile app team. It was built in Ionic/Angular/Typescript with a Node backend and Firebase for additional features such as remote config. I had never worked on mobile before, but quickly got up to speed and soon took end-to-end ownership of several big features, like adding Challenges that had to track user activity over several days and provide content and rewards accordingly. I became the go-to engineer for anything related to REM!X until the product was discontinued due to a pivot in business strategy.

Other highlights

Tech used

Flutter (Dart), Angular/Typescript (ReactiveX, Redux), AWS Lambda, AWS Cognito, most features in Firebase, unit testing with Jest, Git, Travis/Jenkins, Mixpanel, Redash

July 2018 - September 2016

Software Engineer @ispace

Tokyo, Japan

Mission Control Center at the Tokyo office First screen of the Pilot interface. Second screen of the Pilot interface. First screen of the System Manager interface. Second screen of the System Manager interface. Rover on a field test in Tottori sand dunes Mission Control Center on a field test in Tottori sand dunes
"Oriol built the Mission Control System for our Hakuto mission of the Google Lunar XPRIZE. His work was key in proving our technical capabilities to the world and had a great PR impact, having an important contribution to securing our Series A funding of 100M USD."
John Walker
John Walker, PhD, VP of Engineering at ispace.


Tech used

Electron, VueJS (with Vuex, vue-router, etc), Node, Redis, Socket.io, remote access and operation of the rover filesystem and processes, some Python, Git

January 2016 - July 2016

Software Engineer @Space Robotics Laboratory of Tohoku University

Sendai, Japan


Tech used

Unity3D, C#, VR, Git

June 2015 - June 2014

International Projects Manager @Leitat Tech Center

Barcelona, Spain


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🌟 Side projects

I'm always working on some side project or another to learn new technology or other skills like design, marketing and sales


A chemistry startup that I co-founded with scientists, colleagues from my time at Leitat. I am currently a member of the board of directors, providing input in business strategy. I bring my experience from the software industry and concepts like scalability and MRR to foster innovative angles in the business strategy. I also designed and developed the website, a static site hosted in Netlify, built with my custom static site generator with Gulp, Pug and SASS.

β€” Contractor for NVOID (remote)

I helped NVOID, a Canadian interactive technology firm, on several of their projects that needed web infrastructure components since I met their founder/CTO in 2015. For example, I built a custom CMS (server-side rendered Express with MongoDB) for an installation for their client to manage the scheduling of the visual assets.

"Oriol is my go-to for anything related to the web. Whether it's for high-end client CMS's, building web apps, or laying the web-related infrastructure he is the first person I ask for advice and the person I want most by my side through these endeavors."
Elburz Sorkhabi
Elburz Sorkhabi, Founder & CTO at NVOID, Co-Founder at The Interactive & Immersive HQ.

β€” AskHN Digest

Weekly automated newsletter of the top threads in the Ask section of Hacker News. It's a combination of Node processes periodically running in a Digital Ocean droplet that interact with the Sendgrid API. I built also the logic to subscribe and unsubscribe since Sendgrid didn't have that nicely out of the box. I designed the landing page (static site on Netlify) and the email itself.

β€” InteractiveJobs.io

A jobs website for the interactive media niche. Website is now inactive because I sold my share to my co-founder after growing it to 2000 users, wanting to focus on other projects. I designed, developed and operated the web application. Deployed on an Ubuntu in Digital Ocean, running a Nodejs Express server-side rendering Pug/SASS templates. Payment integration with Paddle. MongoDB as database. The first iteration was running in Heroku, but then I migrated it to Digital Ocean to save costs. I designed the infrastructure so that it could be used as a template to spin out other job sites in a straightforward and customizable way.

β€” Atelier Storia

My wife is a 3D artist, so I designed and developed a simple e-commerce site for her. It's a static site using my custom static site generator (Gulp/Pug/SASS). It uses Forestry as git-based CMS so any change triggers the CD setup in Netlify.

β€” Epimet

My latest side project is not live yet 😝 I'm working on a React/Nextjs application using an Express Node backend with PostgreSQL as database.

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πŸ™Œ Soft skills

I can provide practical examples for any of these when we chat 😊

β€” πŸ’ͺ Ownership and accountability

When I take ownership of something, I make sure it's done in time and communicate along the way with the team.

β€” πŸš€ Learns new technologies fast

On many of the roles I've taken, I had no previous experience with the particular technology used and I got up to speed very quickly.

β€” πŸ’» Capacity to learn and work on an existing complex codebase

As much as I love greenfield projects, I also enjoy extending an existing codebase, making a great product even better.

β€” πŸ“£ Good communicator

Always wearing a smile, don’t be mean to your teammates.

β€” 🎯 Proactive and effective

I take the initiative to find high value work, and I'm always asking the question of "is this the right thing to be working on?"

β€” πŸ₯° Product and user-driven

I work very closely with product managers, designers, and getting involved in user testing if I can to have more empathy towards the users of the software I create.

β€” πŸ—“ Organized and focused

I’ve led teams through many projects using agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban. I have a solid attention span and enjoy doing deep work sessions.

β€” 😁 Fun to be around

On all my projects, I've made of my colleagues a second family. Many are now great friends, and we continue to work on side projects together.

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πŸ“š Education

Summer 2015

Graduate Space Studies Programme @International Space University

Ohio, US


  • Got an honorific award to the student with best contribution and grades.
  • Worked in a 30-people team in project Vision2040, a future studies research onto the future of the space industry.
  • Learnt Unity3D and made a 3D diorama of a Martian base.

2014 - 2008

BS and MS in Aerospace Engineering @Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Barcelona, Spain


  • Core subjects include mathematics, mechanics, electronics, programming, fluid dynamics (including aerodynamics) and project management.
  • Specialization in Space engineering, including space systems engineering, space vehicle design, astrodynamics, launcher design and space propulsion.

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Looking forward to talking with you 😊

oriol (at) gasquez (dot) com

⌨️ TLDR; Tech Keywords

You can find examples of use in the previous sections

β€” Mobile app development (cross-platform)

Flutter, Ionic

β€” Modern Web development

Vue, Angular, some React. Vuex/Redux, client-side routing, reusable components...

β€” Desktop app development (cross-platform)

Electron + any modern web framework

β€” Programming languages

Typescript, Dart, Javascript, some C#

β€” Styling

CSS, SASS, frameworks such as Bootstrap, Bulma...

β€” Build systems

Webpack, Gulp

β€” Reactive programming

ReactiveX Observables for web, Streams for Flutter

β€” Unit testing

Jest, Flutter Driver

β€” Backend

Node, Express, Serverless (AWS Lambda), Firebase.

β€” Databases

Firebase, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB

β€” Platforms

AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku, Netlify

β€” CI/CD


β€” Authentication

Firebase, AWS Cognito, other services following the OAuth specs

β€” Real-time communication

Firebase, Web Sockets (Socket.io), pub-sub server (Redis)

β€” Version Control

Git on any collaborative platform (Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket)

β€” Analytics and Business Intelligence

Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Fathom, Redash

β€” Integration of third-party APIs

For example, Sendgrid for transactional email or Paddle for payments

β€” Game Engines


β€” Workflow

Agile methodologies (Scrum / Kanban)

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