👋 Hi! I'm Oriol

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I'm a senior software engineer from Barcelona, Spain.

While I'm a generalist, my main strength is frontend. I've worked on many UIs across web, mobile and desktop, using a variety of technologies such as React, Flutter, Vue and Angular, among others.

I'm currently working at DuckDuckGo to make internet privacy simple and accessible, serving millions of users.

Before, I was the lead engineer of Koa Foundations, a mental health mobile app at Koa Health (30M€ Series A in 2020). Prior to that, I was the lead engineer of the mission control center for the Hakuto lunar rover of the Google Lunar XPRIZE, at ispace Japan ($90M Series A in 2017).

I have broad expertise in technology and project management. Having worked mostly at startups, I'm pragmatic and I'm used to wear many hats.

I'm currently open to consulting opportunities

If you need frontend help (websites, apps, design systems...), feel free to reach out by email.